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Our training classes all relate to photography in New York City. You can take classes specifically for Lightroom, and/or Photoshop any time during the year, or you can take a location photography class which covers photographic issues combined with Lightroom, and Photoshop from April through October, weather permitting since we work outdoors in the New York City area. Please go to the price list page to review your options.


Lightroom is all about workflow. From importing your images to organizing your collections in a easy-to-find - meaningful way. You'll learn how to:


Photoshop is to the digital photographer what the darkroom was to the film photographer - only more! Together we will explore the various tools at your disposal to expose the soul of your image. You'll learn how to:

    create layers
    work with layer masks
    use levels and curves
    work with smart filters
    use photomerge
    and soft proof

Photography classes use New York City as the subject. Not only do you learn photography, but you also have the opportunity to photograph some amazing sights that most New Yorkers never see.

Here is a list of some of the locations we may visit. You can click on the specific locations to see additional information. We will pick the specific locations based on a particular photographic technique we are exploring, and the logistics of the location.